Coats and Jackets

Get weatherproof in style in a wear from this extensive collection. Riding jackets and coats, from the likes of Ariat, Requisite and Musto, are ready for both the saddle and the yard. Find your ideal outer layer here.
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Horseware Mf Jckt Ld99Horseware Mf Jckt Ld99 149,00 €Just Togs Just All Season JacketJust Togs Just All Season Jacket 58,00 €Ariat Lumina Full Zip SweatshirtAriat Lumina Full Zip Sweatshirt 145,00 €Horseware Comp Jckt Ld00Horseware Comp Jckt Ld00 48,00 €Requisite Essential Quilted Riding JacketRequisite Essential Quilted Riding Jacket 40,00 €Requisite Ladies' GiletRequisite Ladies' Gilet 30,00 €Requisite Ladies' GiletRequisite Ladies' Gilet 30,00 €Aubrion Team Midlayr Ld99Aubrion Team Midlayr Ld99 27,00 €Aubrion Oxfrd ShwJkt Ld99Aubrion Oxfrd ShwJkt Ld99 75,00 €Weatherbeeta WB Puffer Vest Ld99Weatherbeeta WB Puffer Vest Ld99 48,00 €Dublin TRINITY BLOUSON JACKETDublin TRINITY BLOUSON JACKET 92,00 €Weatherbeeta DION PUFFER VESTWeatherbeeta DION PUFFER VEST 120,00 €Dublin Ladies Rylie Zip JacketDublin Ladies Rylie Zip Jacket 155,00 €Dublin Peyton WP Jkt Ld99Dublin Peyton WP Jkt Ld99 118,00 €Ariat Team Logo Full Zip Sweatshirt WomensAriat Team Logo Full Zip Sweatshirt Womens 78,00 €Weatherbeeta Harper Quilted CoatWeatherbeeta Harper Quilted Coat 125,00 €Horseware H20 Jacket WomensHorseware H20 Jacket Womens 42,00 €John Whitaker JW Sydney Jacket Ld99John Whitaker JW Sydney Jacket Ld99 40,00 €Aubrion Team PddCoat Ld99Aubrion Team PddCoat Ld99 62,00 €Ariat Ladies Breathe JacketAriat Ladies Breathe Jacket 155,00 €Ariat Ladies Galatea Show CoatAriat Ladies Galatea Show Coat 350,00 €Weatherbeeta WB Puffer Jacket 99Weatherbeeta WB Puffer Jacket 99 68,00 €Aubrion Prk RylS Jkt Jn99Aubrion Prk RylS Jkt Jn99 62,00 €Aubrion Oxfrd ShwJkt Jn99Aubrion Oxfrd ShwJkt Jn99 62,00 €HY Equestrian HY 2Tne Rflctv Jkt 99HY Equestrian HY 2Tne Rflctv Jkt 99 30,00 €Horseware Prf Jkt Ld99Horseware Prf Jkt Ld99 115,00 €Horseware Tech Jckt 99Horseware Tech Jckt 99 75,00 €Horseware Tech Jckt 99Horseware Tech Jckt 99 75,00 €Horseware Smls Jkt Ld99Horseware Smls Jkt Ld99 105,00 €Horseware H20 Jacket 99Horseware H20 Jacket 99 49,00 €Horseware Neon Gilet 99Horseware Neon Gilet 99 40,00 €Horseware Sgnt Crrib 99Horseware Sgnt Crrib 99 52,00 €Horseware Sb Tch 99Horseware Sb Tch 99 52,00 €Horseware Eco T Jkt Ch99Horseware Eco T Jkt Ch99 52,00 €Horseware Eco T Jkt Ch99Horseware Eco T Jkt Ch99 52,00 €